rosmery izaguirre

intern at the Los Angeles Times Data and Graphics Department

twitter: @rgizaguirre
github: rosmeryiza

who am i?

Hi there My name is Rosmery. I graduated from the University of Florida where I developed a passion for telling news through interactive pages and visualizations. In addition to traditional reporting, my interests and skills include data analysis, data visualization and web development.

data visualization

Los Angeles Times

Researched data to compile into an evergreen page targeting frequent searches during wildfire season

Created tables with Datawrapper to display the largest and the most destructive fires in California history.

Miami Herald

Collected and analyzed data to automate a map tracking coronavirus vaccine progress in Latin America and Caribbean countries

Wrote a Python script to scrape data from various web sources and combine them into one sheet. Cleaned the data using Pandas. Merged various shapefiles to get a complete file of the Americas. Final map created with Datawrapper.

Miami Herald

Visualized modest homes in Tampa owned by a fund with ties to the heirs of the Hermes luxury goods fortune

Created map using QGIS and exported it to Leaflet using the qgis2web plug in.

The Independent Florida Alligator

Visualized the trend of cases in comparison to the reopening of the University of Florida's campus

Compiled historical case data using data from The COVID Tracking Project and New York Times. Manually tracked cases throughout summer and fall semesters of 2020. Github repo here

The Independent Florida Alligator

Tracked and visualized cases at the University of Florida through the university's COVID-19 dashboard

Created a web scraper using Python Beautiful Soup to get daily numbers from the UF Health COVID dashboard. Monitored and tracked changes made to the dashboard throughout the pandemic.

The Independent Florida Alligator

Tracked and visualized cases reported in the University of Florida's dorms through student sources

Developed the map using Leaflet and collaborated with the health reporter to confirm and document cases.

web development & design

The Independent Florida Alligator

March for Our Freedom: News hub for 2020 summer protest coverage in Gainesville, FL

Developed and designed the page. Used JavaScript and ScrollMagic for interactive elements including scroll reveal and SVG drawing animations.

The Independent Florida Alligator

Black and minority youths are underepresented in the Alachua County juvenile justice system

Developed and designed the page, scroll elements were done using ScrollMagic. Took lead on graphics editing.

The Independent Florida Alligator

Special Pride Edition: Online edition of The Alligator's coverage commemorating and celebrating pride month

Developed and designed the page. Targeted elements using a SVG layer overlayed onto graphics to display informational tooltips about the notable figures depicted. Used Tippy.js.

Advanced Web Apps (Journalism Course)

Database application to showcase how expungement laws and the records eligible for expungement vary by state

Developed the page using Flask and designed the layout. Worked with a journalist to compile a database of state information and contributed to fact-checking.